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10:09 | April 16, 2018


In collaboration with Gina Tricot.

Blazer here, t-shirt here, jeans here! – from Anine Bing X Gina Tricot.

Hej babes! Hoppas ni mår toppen. :-) Här kommer en helvit look med en kavaj (min nya favvo!), hela looken är från Anine Bings kollektion som hon har gjort för Gina Tricot. Jag ÄLSKAR hela kollektionen… <3 Det är väldigt basic med en twist och rockig touch, hela kollektionen känns väldigt LA och väldigt jag. Jag ville ha varenda plagg, helt seriöst. Man kan klä upp eller klä ner plaggen, jag körde på sneakers men det hade funkat minst lika bra med klackar. Ni kan se hela kollektionen HÄR! Det är Gina Tricots första designsamarbete dom gör, och efter det här hoppas jag på fler haha! ;-) Vi kom precis hem från festivalen nu och ska äntligen sova, vilken helg det har varit… Wow! Hörs när vi vaknar, PUSS <3

//Hey babes! Hope you’re feeling great. :-) Here’s an all white look with a blazer (my new fav!), the entire look is from Anine Bing’s collection that she made for Gina Tricot. I LOVE the entire collection… <3 It’s very basic with a twist and rock-touch, the entire collection feels very LA and very me. I wanted every single piece, seriously. You can dress it up or down, I went for sneakers but it would work just as good with heels. You can see the entire collection HERE! It’s Gina Tricot’s first design collaboration they do, and after this I’m hoping they will do more haha! ;-) We just got back from the festival now and we’re finally about to get some sleep, what a weekend it’s been… Wow! I’ll talk to you when I wake up, HUGS <3

13 kommentarer

13 kommentarer om “ANINE BING X GINA TRICOT”

    Janni <3

    You look like you are having so much fun in Coachella <3

    I have been reading this blog and watching your YouTube videos for about a year but only now commenting as I have been shy. LOL.

    You are such an inspiration to me, the way you and Jon live your life is super empowering and makes me motivated.

    Thank you for inspiring me everyday!

    LOVE <3

    Amy xxx


    Haha naaw, cutie! <3 I love your comments so don't be scared to comment! This made me so happy, sending a huge hug! <3


    Så himla läckert!! Fick precis min tröja idag, så nice!


    I’m so happy that I finally have something in my wardrobe that you have too! (squeals in excitement) The item would be the blazer! Anyway, this whole outfit has suddenly gotten but on my clothing wishlist, but let’s be honest, the bag (in that colour) has been on for ages :)


    Lovit <3 What color are the shoes in? Are they velvet green/blue-ish? IN LOVE X


    They’re blue, and the fabric is like “summer” shoe material. I can’t find the right word for it, but not velvet haha! Xx


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