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Moments with these lovely ladies <3 Thanks for an amazing week!

Hej hjärtan! Nu sitter vi på flyget och förhoppningsvis har vi sovit massor, jag brukar sällan tidsinställa inlägg men här har ni ett. :-) Ovan är några bilder på gänget vi har varit här med, det har varit otroligt kul och inspirerande att hänga med alla tjejer. Vilka underbara och grymma ladies vi har fått lära känna. <3 Har skrattat massor, pratat massor och så har vi såklart fotat massor. ;-) TACK till Revolve för en underbar resa även om vädret inte var på våran sida, jag ser fram emot många fler resor ihop! Och – tack alla tjejer som var med. Ni är grymma! Jag har postat massor på IG så ni kan spana in där för mer bilder om ni vill se, och där kan ni även kolla in alla ladies ovan. :-) Hörs när vi landat hemma i Monaco igen, vi kommer fram i eftermiddag/kväll. Puss och kram <3

//Hey babes! Now we’re on the flight and hopefully we’ve slept a lot, I rarely do scheduled posts but here’s one. :-) Above are some snaps of the crew we’ve been here with, it’s been so much fun and so inspiring to be here with all these girls. We’ve gotten to know some amazing girls here. <3 We’ve laughed a lot, talked a lot and of course we’ve shot lots of photos. ;-) THANKS Revolve for an amazing trip even though the weather didn’t really turn out as planned, I look forward to many more trips together! And – thanks to all the girls from the trip. You’re all incredible! I’ve posted lots of pics on IG so check it out for more pictures from here, and there you can also check out all the ladies above. :-) Talk to you when we’re back home in Monaco, we should arrive in the afternoon/night. Kisses and hugs <3

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  1. Aurélia on

    Dear Janni,
    I’ve been following you and Jon for a long time and after watching yesterday’s vlog, I can say that you were the only one (together with Jon) who truly enjoyed their time. Not like the other girls who were pretending to be enjoying, just for the internet…
    So keep up the good work and remain as normal and natural as you are now! :)

    Aurelia from Hungary

  2. Live on

    Hvilket drømmeliv du lever, Janni :)
    Det er fantastisk å følge bloggen din med bilder fra de vakreste steder og flotte outfits :)

  3. Charlotte on

    Janni… MAGNIFIQUE ! Naturelle et simple, la plus cool au milieu de toutes ses nanas avec leurs poses de diva ;)

  4. Effie on

    Please alwaysssssssssssssss stay who you are: beautiful natural and simple! That’s why so many people love you :) We all know it’s part of your job to do all the great trips with these girls I am sure they are nice but you look so much “true” and smart and above all not swallow…but you shoud not judge a book by its cover I guess ;) I also love when you are with Jon you guys are the best <3

  5. Pernille Beider on

    You look absolutely gorgeous in that pink/peachy swimsuit. Do you have a link to it? Janni I admire you so much, you are such a real inspiration for all of us.


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