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Some interior inspiration for our new house…

Good morgon babes! Jag startade dagen med en prommis och sen unnade jag mig en take away kaffe från cafét vid oss. Gör sällan det då jag alltid gör kaffe hemma, men ibland blir jag sugen på en bra americano så det fick det bli imorse. Jag drack den och hängde på pinterest i någon timme. Bästa stället för inspiration! Jon och jag har ju ÄNTLIGEN köpt ett hus ihop!! Känns galet att äga ett hus, även om det ibland kändes som Casa Camo var mitt så var det alltid något som gjorde att det inte var “mitt”. Nu har vi köpt hus ihop och det är min första investering. Jag har alltid sparat pengar för framtiden och det här kändes helrätt, området är perfekt och huset är stort. Väldigt stort, haha! För mig känns det som ett hus vi kommer ha föralltid typ, vi måste bara sätta vår egen touch på det. Det är ett spanskt hus och vi har velat fram och tillbaka på hur vi vill ha det. Jag älskar ju lite marockansk stil, så ovan är lite inspiration. Mysigt, mycket grönt och exakt min stil. Ibland velar jag dock på om man ska göra det “modernt”, men det känns tråkigt. Så – en mix av modernt och mysigt tänker jag. Har ni några tips på bra butiker/hemsidor vi kan spana in? All inspiration är välkommen! :-) PUSS <3

//Goood morning babes! I started my day with a walk and then I treated myself with a take away coffee from the café. I rarely do that since I always make coffee at home, but sometimes I just crave a good americano so that was my morning. I drank it and checked out pinterest for an hour. The best place for inspiration! Jon and I FINALLY bought a house together!! Feels crazy to be a house owner, even though Casa Camo felt like mine it was always something that felt like it wasn’t “mine”. Now we bought a house together and it is my first investment. I always saved money for the future and this felt so right, the area is perfect and the house is big. Very big, haha! It feels like a house we will have forever, we just have to set our own touch on it. It’s a spanish house and we’ve been thinking back and forth how we want it. I love the moroccan style, so above is some inspiration. Cozy, lots of greens and exactly my style. Sometimes I’m thinking about making it “modern” though, but it feels a bit boring. So – a mix of modern and cozy is my plan. Do you guys have any tips on stores/websites we can check out? All inspiration is more than welcome! :-) HUGS <3

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  1. Elisabeth on

    Looks so goooood :)
    I don’t know if this is something you want to tell, but I’m gonna ask it anyway, hehe :D How big is the house exactly? :) And do you have some timetable about the renovating and moving there? Are you gonna like “settle down” a litte bit now when you have this wonderful house together? Or still travel as before? I don’t mean this in a bad way if it sounds like that :) I love it that you have a possibility to travel around the world! :) And of course, waiting so much the house pics and before & after pics when you are renovating! :)

    • janni on

      Hi sweetie! <3 It's big... Haha! We haven't planned yet, we don't want to rush it so we will take it time after time. :-) It will still be our summer house, but we might move there in the future if we feel like living in Spain. :-) Right now I prefer Monaco, because Marbella is like a "resting" place for me. Stay tuned for before/during/after pics! Xx

  2. Bregita Rhodes on

    Janni, when i bought my house in Ibiza, i would drive around a lot and search for stores, they would have a lot of stores, with beautiful Moroccan or Chinese, furniture,
    or i found a store where they ordered furniture from France i loved it. I bought a mix French, Moroccan…… My Tip for you would be, that you search for stores in Marbella, like hidden stores, where you can find beautiful furniture without rushing it, just see around what they have. If they have it in Ibiza they have it in Marbella to. Buy something beautiful what you like even if it is expensive,
    then save for another piece even if it takes you a year to find everything don’t rush, then you love every corner everything you both. This would be my tip for you, look around longer.
    Love to you and Jon

  3. Cecilia on

    Den där blandningen kommer passa perfekt i ert nya hus! Av det man kan se av det som visades på förlovningsfilmen då ;) Superbra matchning, modernt men ombonat och personligt! Behövs lite extra textilier i hus med mycket sten för att det inte ska kännas så kalt.

  4. Liena Snow on

    Amazing inspiration! So happy for you. To buy a home for yourself is a great and wonderful achievement.
    I hope to own a home in Brighton one day as well.
    I really like Anthropologie Home and Interior decor. And I adore The White Company London.
    So exciting and fun to decorate home!
    Have a lovely day xx

  5. Marbella on

    Hi Janni!

    Here you have some inspiration:

    Zero edge pool with dark tiles:

    Outdoor shower:

    Wide wooden floor:

    Fishbone floor:

    Flower Pergola:

  6. Sara on

    Kolla in Nordal!
    Möbler och all inredning ni behöver. Fantastiska material och den stil ni söker. Rattan chair som du har på andra bilden finns, plus många textiler som du har på bilderna :-)

  7. Maja on

    Hey Janni, I lately opened my own furniture company. We produce tables, desks, coffee table and small tables from stainless steel and natural wood! Every piece is unique and custom made, which means the size, the wood colour and structure as well as the steel parts can be chosen by the customer. Everything is made in the highest quality possible. Our wood is made by the same company which produces for Vitra- maybe you know them. The website is only in polish right now:, but we of course ship worldwide :) At the website you can only see a small bit of we’re actually capable of. There’s a little more on instagram or fb but we can produce anything up to the clients needs. Would love to do something for your new house as I follow you for a long time by now!
    xxx Maja


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