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My looks for FW in Milan and Paris. Pick a favorite!  (find the outfits HERE!)

Hej hjärtan! Hur mår ni? :-) Jag mår bättre idag, wihoo! Jag gissar att mängder med ingefärste och lugn och ro hjälpte till. Hoppas jag får hålla mig frisk nu, haha! Nu när fashion weeks är över för den här säsongen kollade jag tillbaka på några av mina looks jag bar under veckorna. Jag älskar ju alltid att höra vilka looks ni gillar bäst så jag tänkte att det kunde vara kul att höra vad ni gillade bäst under FW. :-) Så – vilken är er favorit? Mycket färg och mönster, precis som jag gillar! Nu ska jag ta en kopp te till och sen får vi se planerna för dagen, jag kommer nog ta det ganska lugnt även idag då jag inte vill riskera att bli sjuk igen… Puss <3

//Hey loves! How are you? :-) I feel better today, wihoo! I’m guessing tons of ginger tea and chill time helped me. Hopefully I’ll stay healthy from now on, haha! Now when fashion weeks are over for this season I looked back at some of my looks I wore during these weeks. I always love to hear which looks you guys liked the best so I thought it could be fun to hear which ones were your favorites during FW. :-) So – which one is your favorite? Lots of colors and patterns, just the way I like it! Now I’m gonna have another cup of tea and then we’ll see the plans for the day, I will take it easy today as well since I don’t want to risk getting sick again… Hugs <3

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  1. Simona Velinova on

    My favs are definitely the one with the white faux fur coat – I loved the pants, such a trend for this year and I really like how you matched the yellow shades with the bag, it was really spot on in my opinion! My second favorite was the one with the black over knee boots and again, i loved how the bag colors matched with the jacket patches!

    And again, all of the outfits were really good, but these two stand out for me! Great job, Janni, always a pleasure strolling your feed!


  2. Alona Vibe on

    I loved the ‘PIMP’ look! More female pimps in this world.
    Loving your digital presence in general Janni, you stand tall as a great role model amongst many that aren’t.
    All the best.

  3. Julie on

    Love every single look. Amazing job janni. 👌 You definitely rocked fashion week ;) Really like our style. My favorite is the bright organge suit. This one is just stunning 🙌 I have this thing with sets. So cool.
    Have a cozy evening. Lot of love from Austria. xx

  4. Sara on

    I love the black and white blazer and striped shirt and skirt! But I still love them all of course. How do you edit your photos? They are always so lovely xo

  5. Yuna Vergult on

    Love aaaall the looks but the bright orange suit and the one in the middle (kaki jacket, black high boots) are my FAVORITE!
    You give me a lot of motivation/inspiration/confidence to go crazy with fashion sometimes. Thank you so much for that!

    Love from Belgium
    Yuna xxx


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