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Lunch at Moshi Moshi yesterday – a pretty new sushi place in Monaco.

God morgon babes! Efter en vecka med cleanse så ville jag lyxa till det med någon riktigt smarrig lunch, så jag tog med mig Jon och gick till Moshi Moshi som är en ganska nyöppnad restaurang här i Monaco. Vi hade aldrig varit där innan men nu kommer jag vilja gå dit ofta… Så himla gott allting! Vi började med tryffel edamame, och det var sinnessjukt gott! Kan gå tillbaka bara för dom. ;-) Vi tog in ett varsitt lunchpaket, jag körde på sushi och Jon på bento boxen som var tempura grönsaker, tofu och sashimi med ris. Avslutade hela lunchen med grönt te som man fick in i den här gulliga kannan, det blir så mycket godare när man får det serverat så tycker jag haha! Hett tips om ni är i Monaco, nästa gång vill jag prova middag där. :-) Hörs snart, puss <3

//Good morning babes! After a week of cleanse I wanted to spoil myself with something really tasty for lunch, so I brought Jon to Moshi Moshi which is a pretty new restaurant here in Monaco. We’d never been there before but now I want to go there often… Everything was so good! We started with truffle edamame, and it was insanely good! Can go back just for them. ;-) We also had a lunch menu each, I went for sushi and Jon had the bento box which was tempura vegetables, tofu and sashimi with rice. Finished it all with green tea that came in this cute teapot, it tastes to much better when it’s served like that haha! Great tip if you’re in Monaco, next time I want to try dinner there. :-) Talk soon, hugs <3

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  1. Emma on

    Hi pretty you!

    Your videos are amazing! I’m going to application to movie school in Finland and was thinked that which camera do you recommed to makes videos. 😊 What do you use? Which one would be good to start?

  2. Lene on

    the food looks so good! I really wann have some sushi now! and yes your blog posts are always of best quality!!! :) btw. love the way you look, u really pretty x


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