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Our morning walk view… Dreamy!

Imorse tog vi en promenad här på stranden, det ser ju nästan låtsas ut! Känns som jag bara skriver samma sak här men vi har verkligen haft en helt underbar dag idag. Solen går ner ganska tidigt här så vi kollade solnedgången på stranden och jag ska visa er bilder sen… MAGI! Såg att jag hade fått frågor om vart vi bodde, jag tänkte sätta mig och svara på era kommentarer imorgon. Har haft fullt upp med att njuta. ;-) Men – vi började med att bo på Westin och nu bor vi på St Regis. Det första hotellet var mysigt men det här vi bor på nu är bland det bästa jag varit på. Stället, servicen, rummen och bara allt. Kommer vilja åka tillbaka hit med Jon nästa gång, tror han skulle trivas. Stora surfvågor utanför som jag aldrig skulle våga mig på, imorse såg vi några surfers som drog ut när vi gick promenad. Väldigt modiga, haha! Nu är det dags för middag, det blir indiskt ikväll! Puss babes, ha en fin fredag <3

//This morning we took a walk on the beach, it almost looks unreal! Feels like I write the same thing here but we really had an amazing day today. The sun sets pretty early here so we watched the sunset on the beach and I’ll show you pictures from it later… MAGIC! Saw that I’ve gotten some questions about where we stay here, I’m planning to answer all your comments tomorrow. Been busy enjoying this. ;-) But – we stayed at the Westin first and now we stay at St Regis. The first hotel was cozy but this place we’re at now is one of the best ones I’ve ever been to. The place, service, rooms and just everything. Want to go back here with Jon next time, think he would like it. Big surf waves that I never would have the courage to go out for, this morning we saw some surfers heading out when we walked. Very brave, haha! Time for dinner, tonight we’re having indian food! Hugs babes, have a great friday <3

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  1. stina on

    Tusen tack för svar! Och klart som fan du ska njuta och inte svara på massa kommentarer nu. Det kan du göra nån dag när du inte är på sånt här magiskt äventyr ;) Ha det fantastiskt nu och ät massa solmogna frukter åt mig :*

  2. Elin Hansson on

    Dessa bilder är helt fantastiska!
    Här är en liten historia om min kärlek till att resa och vad som fick mig att dra ut på egen hand:

    Backpacking – the best thing I ever have done

    Traveling is the best thing in the world. I was so tired of being home and after having a depression I decided to leave Sweden for awhile. It was in the end of november I took the flight all the way to New Zealand. I just wanted to get far as possible from Sweden, needed to meet new people and get distance from home. It was the best time of my life – I met a lot of people and I saw the most amazing views over down under. Because I already had a home ticket I went home in the beginning of january. I was only home for a week and then I decided to go to Asia. I went home, booked a new ticket and went straight to Asia. I spend like 2,5 month in Asia and visited Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Backpacking is the best thing I ever have done. It’s not happened that often that I see big bloggers like you go backapacking – and that’s a thing I really really recommend everyone to do.

    During my trip I saw places in the Philippines that will be destroyed because of people like us want the luxury, want hotels and resorts. The people who living on these places in their spartan “houses” (if you even can call it houses) need to move away because of this. That is so sad.
    Okey so lets scip to the good part. Because of my backpacking in New Zealand and Asia I have a lot of photos to show up in my blog. This is just the beginning of my blogcareer and I really hope you guys wanna follow me. I combinate fashion, travel and photography.

    Here you have some of my most popular blogpost, hopefully you like it!

    Look at this amazing long red dress that I photographed in New Zealand. Isn’t the view amazing?!

    What about Milford Sound, Fiordland? One of the most beautiful places in the world. Look at these mountains… the ferry look so small when you see it in front of the high mountains (last picture).

    And what about these “Travel around the world” photos. Which one is your favorite?

    Please have a look if you like:


    Thank you! Hope you enjoy the blogpost! :)

    And to everybody who taking time reading this! Please check out my blog and share your story! I would really like to hear from you.

    Best Regards,
    Elin Hansson

  3. Eve on

    My goodness – I am so jealous!

    Today is my birthday and I’ve just travelled home, which is a little island in Great Britain- and it’s certainly not as warm as this!

    I started my blog a few weeks ago, where I have blogged about visiting Rome, Malta, and a Banksy and Warhol exhibition in Amsterdam so far. Please check it out!

    Eve x


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