6:02 | October 31, 2014


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A short bike ride down to the beach before breakfast, soaking up the last bit of paradise!

Sista morgonen i paradiset är över, jag och Jon gick upp tidigt för att hinna ner till stranden innan frukost. Vi tog varsin cykel som man får låna här på Ametis och cyklade ner, tog ungefär 4 minuter. Har saknat att cykla, gör aldrig det längre! Riktigt härlig morgon och sista strandbesöket på ett tag. Har sagt det alldeles för många gånger nu men f*n vad jag älskar Bali!! Känns sorgligt att åka men vi har redan börjar prata om nästa resa hit. Nu har vi en 25 timmars resa framför oss men har fixat lite inlägg till er under tiden. Ha en grym dag, puss! <3

//Last morning in paradise is over, me and Jon went up early to go down to the beach before breakfast. We grabbed some bikes that you can borrow here at Ametis and biked down, took around 4 minutes. I’ve missed biking, never do it nowadays! A great morning and the last beach visit for a while. I’ve said it way to many times now but holy sh*t how I love Bali!! Feels sad to leave but we’re already planning our next trip here. Now we have a 25 hour trip ahead of us but I’ve timed some posts for you guys. Have a great day, hugs! <3

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  1. Effie on

    Your eyes look wonderful on this picture! Not only the colour but also the happiness feeling that we can guess :)
    I am dreaming about Bali and hope it will be the place of my HoneyMoon <3!
    From the pictures it looks like you lost weight is that possible maybe with the food there?
    Wonderful pictures thanks for making us travel with you!
    I am excited about fall posts though!
    hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Janni on

      Thanks sweetheart! <3 You should really go to Bali, the most beautiful place. :-)
      And no, no weight loss at all haha! I've been eating so much during this trip so most likely put on some weight. ;-) Big hug sweetie!


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